How to Mix with EZdrummer 2 in Pro Tools 11 – Sweetwater Sound

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Mitch Gallagher gives some tips and helpful techniques for mixing with EZdrummer 2 in Pro Tools 11 DAW software. Enjoy the video, you can learn more about Toontrack EZdrummer 2 and Avid Pro Tools 11 at the links above.

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  1. Hey guys, my issue is that I have routed drum sounds from EZdrummer 2 to stereo audio tracks to manipulate them individually, such as a track for kick, track for snare etc. My issue is that after making these tracks and routing them properly, they only are audible when hitting either the record or green I button on them. Then I can hear them, however, they won't be in the bounced track. How do I fix this?

  2. Hopefully someone could answer this. I was able to solo each track up until the moment I add the Sub Master Aux. By the way i'm also using Pro tools. Can anyone explain why I cannot solo each track after adding it ?

  3. Thanks so much, Mitch! I enjoy your tutorials and reviews!

    I do have one question. I have my tracks and everything set up exactly like you showed here but the tracks will not record. Am I missing something?

  4. has anyone here ever done an album with ezdrummer 2? and does it sound real? i'm trying to figure out if i should try to purchase this, i have a lot of songs..but its always so hard to find the drummer and their time and i also can't record drums where i live because of my neighborhood so i'm looking for a good fix.

  5. Not only does Sweetwater provide excellent sales service – they also give us all amazing tutorials on how to max out the gear we already have. KUDOS! I used to do this manually – stripping away tracks in edit mode on PT. Took hours. Now, a few clicks. Mitch, you are my hero.

  6. I'm just a beginner. Using audio tracks for each drum path you get separated audio tracks, which you can still edit separately after recording. Could u explain why you use aux tracks and not audio ones? what is the usefulness?

  7. hey Mitch , thx for all your great video's . I put How to Mix with EZ Drummer in my favorite's list so i can keep going back on the vid as a reminder.,,thx again Phil Grenon,,check on sum of my tunes on YouTube..

  8. Blocking this useless channel. Always trying to sell stuff by pretending to teach it but leaving out critical aspects. Been dealing with these guys lately and not happy with most everything they've failed to do.

  9. I bought EZ Drummer 2 and Protools 12 for a MacBook Pro. And I can not get EZ Drummer to insert on the Stereo Instrument track like this video shows before he made separate aux tracks. I can't get anything to load into inserts on mine.
    Anyone know how to get it to do that? Yeah I'm a beginner. If not, back to the manual.

  10. Seriously, I really value being a Sweetwater customer! These folks have great prices and awesome Customer Service (I brought my EZ Drummer 2.0 from them, along with Pro Tools and other stuff) James you're the man! now… I am blown away by this incredibly helpful, short and well presented tutorial (this guy can teach!) that I needed like NOW. It was a bit more concise than the one by ToonTrack (no knock against, it was 'good') produced on the same topic, but this went further to quickly cover creating a VCA track and Groups. I didn't get to sleep until 4:00 am because of how much I am enjoying this tool and getting 'IT' done (I should getting rested for my day jkob ;-). THANK YOU !!! Carr from Ohio.

  11. Superb Tutorial. I was able to follow along and build much-needed control over my EZ-Drummer plug-in. —
    I did notice that EZ-Drummer does not see 'Instrument' channels, only 'Aux' channels, which is why Mitch set up the Aux channels. —
    Another thing.. Setting up individual Aux's for each EZ-Drummer output is CPU expensive. I created Aux's only for kick and snare, and it didn't hog as much CPU.